How do I interpret the results?

Getting results is one thing, but interpreting them to ensure you make better hiring decisions is another. Here's an outline of the types of tests we offer and how best to understand them:

Cognitive Assessments
We've developed several aptitude tests which each focus on a unique aspect of cognitive ability. Selecting the one most relevant for a particular role allows for a more accurate prediction of job performance. Results on the various cognitive ability tests give insight into the skills and abilities of candidates. The data can be used to better understand each candidate’s potential for success.

Personality Assessments
Our personality test measures 24 work-related traits that fall within the six factors of the HEXACO model. The results paint a picture of who that candidate is and how they approach their work. For each of the traits, we automatically compare an individual's raw score (the sum of all items answered) to our norm tables to see how their responses compare to all the other individuals who've taken the test.

Behavioural Assessments
We’ve developed a range of situational judgement tests to reveal how effectively candidates interact with others in the workplace. These tests focus on measuring soft skills, such as accountability, teamwork and time management. They provide candidates with a range of different scenarios and assess the effectiveness of their chosen responses. The answers are then automatically aggregated by our platform and the resulting raw scores are turned into percentages.

Skills Assessments
We also provide tests that focus on more technical abilities, such as language fluency, programming skills and software proficiency. These tests are diligently designed with the help of multiple subject matter experts to accurately measure specific hard skills. Results are percentages that can be compared across candidates to ensure key requirements and qualifications are satisfied.