How do I interpret the results?

Getting results is one thing, but interpreting them to ensure you make better hiring decisions is another. Here's an outline of the types of tests we offer and how best to test them:

Cognitive Assessments
We've developed four cognitive ability tests which have been based on a wide spectrum of intelligence factors. Results on the various cognitive ability tests give insight in the intellectual skills and abilities of candidates. These insights can be used to make predictions about successful future work performance.

Behavioural Assessments
We’ve developed a number of behavioral assessments to reveal how candidates perform in the workplace. Unlike aptitude tests, the answers aren’t simple right or wrong - users are required to chosen their most likely and least likely response and the points are awarded based on each. The answers are then automatically aggregated by our platform and will provide the candidates a raw score which will be turned into a percentage.

Personality Assessments
Our HEXACO based personality test measures 28 work-related traits. Unlike our aptitude and behavioural assessments we use percentiles for the personality test. For each of the scales we automatically compare an individuals raw score (the addition of all items answered) to our norm tables to see how their responses compare to the norm group of all the other individuals who've taken the test.